Digitisation and automation specialist Varuna Marine Services B.V. is gearing up for its Posidonia debut where it plans to showcase its wide range of services in the areas of cybersecurity, IHM, Worldwide Vessel Inspection, Flexible Satellite communications etc. “Developments in the field of artificial intelligence, blockchain, IoT, and automation are becoming more and more relevant for the Maritime Industry. New technologies, new ways of working, and an increasingly complex regulatory landscape create both challenges and opportunities,” said Sanjeev Wewerinke-Singh, Director of the Netherlands-based company. “We look forward to our participation at Posidonia, which is a landmark for the world of shipping. We believe that Posidonia 2022 will provide us with a platform to showcase our offerings and the opportunity to meet existing and potential customers. This event will also help build brand proximity for our marketing strategy.”

We are proud to announce that we have signed onto the Hague Climate Pact (‘Haags Klimaatpact’). The Hague Climate Pact unites politicians, citizens, businesses, and organizations behind the Paris Agreement goal of keeping global temperature rise below 1.5°C. For the city of The Hague, this means reducing emissions to zero by 2030. As a signatory to the Pact, Varuna Marine Services pledges to play its part in the transition to a climate-neutral city. We do so in the first place by minimizing our own carbon footprint.

Taking our pledge to Sustainability further Varuna Marine Services has partnered with Friend of the Sea. Varuna Marine Services will be auditing vessels, ship management companies, logistics managers interested in achieving International Sustainable Shipping certification. Friend of the Sea, the international certification scheme for sustainable seafood, and Dutch marine surveying firm Varuna Marine Services have signed a collaboration agreement to boost sustainable shipping globally.

as2con has partnered with Netherlands-based Varuna Marine Services which will increase the market penetration for COMPA repairs, innovative composite patching, and overlay technology.

COMPA repair can be performed during vessel stay in a port or during a voyage which makes the technology very appealing for the busy ports of The Netherlands and Belgium.


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